Childhood dreams long forgotten

I figure, since Ariel had a great idea for our first blog post, I could write a response, or let’s say, my perspective on the issue. In essence, I need a quick distraction and her idea was way better than mine was. See, it’s not plagiarizing since I cited the source of the idea!

What did I want to be when I grew up, ladies and gents?

I’ll leave you a moment to guess…

Obviously, the correct answer is Paleontologist! Like most kids our age, everyone was into dinosaurs. Even now, Jurassic Park, The Land Before Time,  or the idea of visiting Royal Tyrrell Museum bring small pangs of nostalgia back to my heart. Dinosaurs will forever continue to amaze me. I mean come on, look at these beasts:

I remember literally counting down the days until Discovery Channel (back when it wasn’t filled with Cash Cabs or Worst Drivers) premiered “Walking with Dinosaurs.” In case you’re wondering, yes I own it. Yes, it’s on VHS. Yes, I’ve seen it more than 5 times even though it’s 6 hours long, and YES I can quote almost every line.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed. (Solve that double negative why don’t cha)

If I trace back all this love for dinosaurs, easily it’s Discovery Channel. That channel was my entertainment for my formative years (thank you scientist parents). From being a zoologist, paleontologist, or ‘Egyptologist’ (yes, that is Nat’s version of studying pyramids and ancient Egypt) all of my wild childhood desires can be traced back to Discovery Channel’s line-up from 1994-1999.

Look! This could have been me!

So basically, all of these childhood dreams were deemed unimportant, much like all of the good programming on Discovery. Nice one technology. What’s up for the next generation? Every child will grow up wishing they had followed their dream of creating aps? Yikes.


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One Response to Childhood dreams long forgotten

  1. Gillian says:

    Julia and I both wanted to be vets. She still does. After I learned that I would have to put down puppies I said “Ah hell no.” So that dream was chattered for me. What I wanted to be… a dancer. When 1999 came around, I wanted to be a dancer who worked in the White House.

    I have not evolved.

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