Inaugural Post – Astronauts and Childhood

Welcome to the very first blog post of this small little blog of ours.  Fair warning: This post is derived almost entirely out of a need to procrastinate and the work from which I am avoiding.

With that said, enjoy:

All I wanted to be when I was a kid was an astronaut.  (Well that or a Jedi, but I even as a child, I reasoned Jedi would be slightly more difficult to actually attain as a career choice.)  I just wanted to be able to go up into space, float around a bit, drink juice from the air with just a straw, discover planets and name then after myself and my favourite cartoon characters (Bert & Ernie).  What kid didn’t want all of this right?

Even as I grew up (and slowly discovered that you have to literally be a rocket scientist to feasibly be an astronaut) I still always wondered about just how awesome my life would be if NASA came up to me and said “Ariel, you are EXACTLY the right person for this mission.  We know you don’t have too much formal astronaut training, but we’ll put you in a couple of those super-badass wind tunnels and you’ll be good to go… Ps you will be heading the first mission to deep space, feel free to name any new planets and moons whatever you desire.”

Remarkably, this never happened. So here I am, almost a grown-up, with no astronaut career to speak of and the only thing I have to show for myself is 2 years of university (working on 3, if that counts for anything) and a fairly vast shoe collection.

I am now in the midst of writing a paper for a history class.  I will spare you the gory details, but it is essentially an in-depth look at the beginnings of NASA, complete with budgets, employee statistics and proposed missions and projects.  The only thing that has saved me on this paper has been the genius that is complete NASA history books online.  Honestly, if NASA hadn’t had published literally all of their old documents online, I would be a giant ball of crazy right about now.

ANYWAY, writing this paper reminded me of how badly I wanted to explore space and do all the super badass stuff that went along with being able to fly into space (basically just being able to float around in the air, look out and chill with the moon, see what’s up with the Martians etc.).  I thought it would be nice to commemorate this wonderful childhood memory with the very first blog post of this brand new blog.  Being an astronaut meant getting to wear super awesome helmets, name planets Bert & Ernie and zoom around next to comets and other space junk.


Moral of this blog post: Astronauts are badass, and I am sad I am not one.

PS. everytime I look at this picture, I have to physically stop myself from making blastoff sounds…


Ariel out.

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