Stop-Action and Quatchi

In first year, my good friend Hilary Duff and I were very into stop animation.  We very quickly discovered that not only was stop-action animation super badass and cool, but that we could make our own stop-action videos using our computers.

So this is what we did. We spent literally nights upon nights in res making these ridiculous things. Some were joint efforts, others were solo projects.  All were AWESOME.

Now, I am not 100% certain why it took Hilary this long to put them on YouTube, (or why this idea literally never occurred to me) but here is a compilation of the nights the best stop-action videos we made that made up a surprisingly large portion of my First Year experience.

They are all shorts, but the first 2 were a joint effort, the third a Hilary project, the fourth was all me and, clearly the last one was a joint effort.

(Also, I apologize for all the nostalgia, what with the first post being all about childhood and this one all reminiscent-y for first year. I’ll stop, I promise.)


On a completely unrelated note:

Ariel out.

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2 Responses to Stop-Action and Quatchi

  1. Gillian says:


  2. natriel says:

    I miss the Olympics everyday (Nat)

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