Musings on Grummage Sales and Thrifts

Buying used things (clothes, trinkets, furniture et. al) is part of this homegirl’s upbringing. Still to this day, the cheaper I bought something for, the better. I mean, why spend 70$ on a new plaid shirt from Aritziaaaa when you could spend literally 33c on an old man’s one that is softer and fits better than anything in that store. To me, cheap isn’t the right word, it’s affordable, it’s REASONABLY PRICED. (So just re-read that sentence and this is not helping my argument that I am not a senior citizen…)

Some of my favourite memories of growing up in good ol’ Peg Citaaay are going to garage sales, thrift stores, and generally living on the cheap with my family. (I feel as if this sentiment generally runs pretty deep throughout most Winnipegers, we’re cheap people who live in the cold. We spend our money heating our houses.) I’m not saying we were living in a cardboard box, I just mean to say that my parents legit taught me the value of money. To illustrate: my parents have not bought/spent money on a new sofa/couch since 1981. Seriously. Sure all things thrifted run the risk of having some weird superbug hidden away in the crevices of the fabric, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

This was my basement couch growing up.

As Conor so lovingly put it: “I don’t think that you even care what you’re buying, as long as you can brag about how cheap it was.”

This morning a bunch of us walked over to the church on the corner of Bank St and Fourth Ave to take a look-see at what their rummage sale held. Or ‘grummage sale’ as Mitchell so fondly phrased it. Let me just say, as a connoisseur of penny-pinching, this one was a keeper.Walking in after a quick trot to the RBC it was pretty obvious I would find treasures untold. Basically because Gill found a beautiful brown vintage parka FOR THREE DOLLARS. Real fur people, THREE DOLLARS. Immediately after she told me the price, I booked my ass over to the stage area where said coats were stationed.

It's looked something like this, but with way better paraphernalia

Running total of accumulated purchases:

  1. Christian Dior menswear plaid button up shirt: 1$
  2. Pure Virgin Wool vintage brown jacket: 5$
  3. Chanel silk scarf: 1.50$
  4. Cream blouse with gray scarf: 2$
  5. Black long-sleeve shirt with awesome raised pattern: 2$
  6. Vintage black camisole: 1$
  7. Bone China Tea Cup: 3$
  8. Hairclip: o.50$
  9. The creme-de-la-creme, vintage 1965 GLOBE: 2$ (because it looked a little antique)**

PEOPLE, amazing. This completely, 100% made up for the fact that I had arguably the worst experience at “Value” Village ever last night. Nothing, and I mean nothing was under 4.99 there. Even 6 months ago, when me and Adele had an amazing shopping experience there, we found things that were 0.99c, 1.99$ etc. Now? Nothing. I spotted a beautiful pair of leopard print wellies, my size, but very visibly worn… 14.99!! UGH. I was pretty dead set on writing an open letter to VVag, outlining how they’ve gone off their rocker. I mean, com’on it’s a recession people! However, I would say most of these feelings completely evaporated after going to this Rummage Sale.

With my love for all things thrifty renewed and invigorated,


**I had the biggest geo-political nerd out ever when I saw this bad boy. Sorry for the small map, it was the only one I could find from the 1960s, clearly not a proper illustrative tool. There are literally countries on this thing that I’ve never even heard of… namely: Bechuanaland? South Arabia? Fuck, so so so so so awesome. Guys, so cool. SO COOL.**

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