Longing for that face-melting cold

Although I hate to say it, I am missing winter. And hard. I mean who actually enjoys the prospects of freezing rain pounding on your window, making the sidewalks all sneakily slippery, and even though it’s raining, icicles drip from the eaves.

ON THE OTHER HAND, we could be enjoying glorious frolics in the thick, fluffy winter snow. Instead of rain, there would be giant, snowflakes drifting down in clumps, making snowballs to throw at ‘friends,’ and even though it would be snowing, snowmen would be on front lawns.

Guys, seriously. I’m even jonesing for WINNIPEG winter. And that shit is brutal. Windchills of minus forty/fifty. Too cold to go outside because your skin would literally freeze off. Man, aren’t those the days. Just look how pretty my kingdom is in the winter:

My glorious kingdom in it's full winter splendor

Winter in Assiniboine Park


How can a person not love skating, snow forts, hot chocolates, and tobogganing.

Instead of being able to FULLY enjoy blasting Christmas music while gazing at my winter wonderful, all I’m left with is frozen tree branches, yellow grass, and slippery sidewalks…

Now, I’m back off to finish researching Brazil’s regionalism and tri-lateralism in terms of development, as well as the global legacy of imperialism: environmental degradation. I’m in for a fun-filled, thrilling and capitvating evening…


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One Response to Longing for that face-melting cold

  1. gillzee says:

    I hate this in-between. Ugh.

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