Here are some pics from our most recent majorly successful roommate Christmas/Holiday potluck-dinner-thing.

So much food, including, but not limited to: roast chicken, ham, sweet ‘taters, regular ‘taters, brussels sprouts with bacon, buns, madarin/candied almond salad, and stuffing!


Overall, roaring success with the evening ending with a raging Christmas Cocktail Party. Classy parties should happen way more often than they do currently…

Roommates making their prettiest faces.

And just for fun, Britt and I as Hermione and Ron in love from HP7 Premier


Sorry for the lack of coherence and even lack of anything interesting to say in this post. My brain is about to implode from way too much Middle East and Developing World study-age. We can’t all be ARIEL with ‘no work’ going home on Saturday.

Good luck all during this awful exam season!


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  1. Colleen says:

    Natalie, you look like a delicious cream puff treat in that photo as Hermione.
    That makes sense in my head.
    xo see you soon!

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