People were weirder in the 19th century

As I am still studying for my LAST and FINAL exam of the year (thanks to an ultra crap exam schedule) I thought I’d fill you guys in about some of the weirdness that was the 19th century. 


The Granite Bowl

Around the 1830s, when Germany was still not the country we know today, the city planners of Berlin all thought the city could use some sprucing up. What’s the great idea they came up with? Sure they’d build some new Parliament buildings, whatever. But what the people really wanted was this monstrosity:

Yep. It's a giant granite bowl.

They all freaked out. Mostly because it was polished. Quote: “Walking up to admire the bowl, spectators were delighted to see their forms reflected and distorted in the shiny surface of the highly polished granite.”

So, I guess basically it was an outdoor version of a house of mirrors?

Like I said, the 19th century was weird.

Oh, in case your wondering, here’s what it looks like now:

A big ol' piece of soggy granite. Nice.

– N

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2 Responses to People were weirder in the 19th century

  1. Kelsey says:

    Ha, I wonder how many people climbed into the bowl while it was still all shiny and unsoggy.

  2. gillzee says:

    F these xamz. Gonna die.

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