So the canal officially opened for skating yesterday here in the lovely national capital.  For me skating on the canal is synonymous with swollen knees and palms, frozen legs and delicious hot/freezing beavertails.  Naturally, I LOVE it.

I am by NO means any sort of athlete, nor do I possess any sort of natural talent for sporty-type things, or even a centre of gravity.  But I do enjoy skating. Immensely.

I love getting all bundled up and taking those first ridiculously shaky steps onto the ice.  I love being able to skate outside with the wind in your face.  I even really like ALMOST falling and then by some sort of non-coordinated movement, manage to stay on my two feet.


Yes, this picture is dark. But in the version with flash, I am 78% sure you can see my nose running. So, here is a slightly-blurry, slightly-too-dark, yet snot-free picture.

Anyway, I am quite excited to try and go skating again. I only fell once this time, which isn’t too bad considering my complete lack of balance and ability to stay actually standing. The first time I went skating on the canal in first year, I fell no joke 16 times in the course of an hour and a half. My knees were the size of grapefruits. No joke. Ask Hilary.

(You may think I am making this whole-I’m-super-duper-clumsy-thing up, but once I fell because my roommate Brittany was just looking at me funny. I full-on fell, on my ass. For realz.)

Now, I don’t do New Years Resolutions, and I suppose this isn’t really a resolution because I just thought of it, and I don’t think I will be upset with myself if it doesn’t happen, but I really want to learn how to skate in hockey skates. They are:

A) far more badass than figure skates

and B) less likely to make me fall flat on my face because my pick has gotten caught (mainly because they don’t have picks…)

However, I did try hockey skates once when I was a kid and IMMEDIATELY after I stepped onto the ice, my feet went shooting out from under me in a very slapstick-esque move that should have been captured on black and white film.  I blame the rounded edge-y thing at the back.

Ariel out.

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