Egypt and Carbs

AUTHOR’S WARNING: This particular post will involve some serious political science nerding out. So if you don’t want to read that part (which is totally understandable…) skip to part two where I talk about how much I love bread.



Closed for business

Holy shit guys. HOLY EFF. Of course I take the class Government and Politics of the Middle East right before things start to get really serious in the Middle East (not that they aren’t always some level of serious)…

Reading the news today after a hectic day at work, I’m really torn. What originally started as an amazing and inspiring wave of protests, people just wanting a semi-acceptable standard of living has escalated into mass looting and deadly riots. I mean, all of this happened today, and maybe it will cool down, but I’m nervous. It’s so cool that all this is happening right now, that change (HOPEFULLY) might actually stick this time. Then again, after actually studying politics, you start to realize that even when awesome protests like this happen… mostly they just end off worse than before. So I’m hesitantly keeping my hopes up.


listening to this song while watching a slide-show of protests. Awesome. So inspiring. (No it’s not the Billy Joel version, sorry Ariel.)




I could eat this whole loaf. Twice.

On a lighter and much more ridiculous note, here is where I talk about carbs.

I could seriously eat fresh carbs all day and on more than one occasion. As much as I like vegetables and fruits and everything else out there I can eat, nothing compares to fresh bread. With a lil bit of cheese.

Bread. It’s so good.

I feel like if I ever had to stop eating it, my life would turn into that Arrested Development episode where they all go on the Atkins diet. [Here’s the link for the whole episode – because stupid YouTube has no clips of them gorging on carbs – to really get a feel for non-Carb Natalie:

And just because I’ve been trolling YouTube for that certain video, here’s a different Arrested Development clip.

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