Europe and Space (…of course)

My first paper of the semester is due in a few days, so naturally I turn to blogging.

In case you didn’t know, my lovely friend Alex and I will be going to Europe this spring.  Neither of us have ever really done the whole backpacking thing and I am so excited I am pretty sure my arms are just going to fall off from sheer excitement (I concede that having ones arms fall off from excitement is a relatively odd reaction, but there you have it).

ANYWAY.  We just bought our plane tickets and I have spent my time for the past couple of days looking into places we can go, and things we can see.

#1 on Ariel and Alex’s trek across Europe: The Royal Wedding! WHAT UP?!

Aren't they such an adorable little couple? (Although I am definitely more of a Team Harry girl myself, but we don't need to let Will know...)

Yes, that’s right boys and girls. Ariel and Alex are going to the Royal Fracking Wedding.  Now, you may be thinking, “Well they aren’t actually going to THE wedding, they’ll just be in London at the same time.”  While that statement is essentially true, I don’t think it detracts AT ALL from the fact that I’m going to legit get to watch actual history happen! Even if we end up in some packed English bar, completely hammed, wearing t-shirts with Will & Kate on them watching the ceremony on TV, that’ll totes do for me.

Another thing that is SUPER high on my list of things/places to go in Europe is Berlin.  Words cannot describe how unbelievably, frickin stoked I am to go to Berlin.  Literally all I want to do in Berlin is see some remnants of the wall and I’ll be over the moon! Seriously, it’s a bit embarrassing how much I love the Cold War and the whole Berlin thing totally blows my mind.  Now, I know I am a good 20 years behind the real communist-crushing-ness that was the fall of the wall, but still being able to see parts of it and go to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum.


UGH… so awesome…

So for those of you who don’t read up on the Cold War on your spare time (probably for the best, let’s be honest), Checkpoint Charlie was the main entrance through the wall when it was still up.  If you wanted to pass from East Berlin to the West, you had to most likely go through Checkpoint Charlie. SEE, so COOL.  Anyway, while Alex looks up awesome Berlin bars we can go to, this is what I do, find museums dedicated to the Cold War…

HOWEVER, I have not been spending my whole time finding super nerdy things to do in Europe, no sir! I have also been finding out some weird little European facts.

Some of the gems:

– It is still illegal in Italy for a woman of “ill-repute or evil looks” to enter a cheese factory anywhere near Ferrara.

– In Denmark, there is a statue of the Little Mermaid, because Hans Christian Andersen was a Dane, and little Ariel herself was a Danish mermaid (fun Ariel fact: I am not actually named after the mermaid.  I am actually named after a really bad Australian hair-metal band named Aerial, and the teenage-version of my dad heard one of their songs, heard the band name and thought “Dude, that’d be an awesome name for a girl! I’m going to name my daughter that!” … and he did.).  ANYWAY this statue has had a pretty rough past.  Apparently she has had her head, arm and head again sawed off on 3 separate occasions, has been covered in red, green and pink paint and once even had a dildo put in her hand.


I still like the Disney version more. The songs are better.

– In the 1970s, a small plane flew over a Piazza in Rome and dropped 500, 1000 and 10,000 bank notes.  Apparently they never found out who the pilot was.


On a slightly different note, the other day I was at work (I work in the federal government as a student) and I came across a mention of the Canadian Space Agency.  I immediately texted Nat to convey my complete disbelief that a) there was a Canadian Space Agency I had no idea existed and b) that we have real-life Astronauts trained here in Canada.  She then brought up the very good point of who did I think put all the Canadarms in Space.

Is it really bad if I thought we were just best friends with NASA and they kinda did it all…


Ariel out.


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