People are still weird – this time, in the 21st century!

To be more informed about what exactly I’m talking up, why no catch up by reading this post from December!

So while creeping my wonderful cousin Colleen’s blog “Coll’s Travels” I noticed she had some pictures up from when she went to Lollapalooza this summer. Lollapalooza as I’m sure all of you are aware is the music fest that takes place in Chicago ever August. And Chicago is of course known for it’s awesome architecture and art. Well, low and behold, in 2004-2006 the city of Chicago installed this little gem that looks quite a bit like a totally modern version of our friend the granite bowl!

It's basically the exact same.

Though I’d seen it a number of times before it was on Colleen’s blog, it only really struck me recently how it basically the same principle as the granite bowl. Fairly new technology, really impressive to look at, and is just like a funhouse mirror! It kinda creeped me out to think about the fact that 150 years from now, someone might wonder why on earth someone would want to look at themselves in a bit chunk of shiny steel (just like how I still can’t fathom why anyone would want to look at themselves in shiny granite).

Here is my wonderful cuz doing her best 19th c. pose:


Again, same exact principle!

And just because I’m sure most of your totally forgot what I am talking about. It’s this: The giant granite bowl from 19th c. Germany. Enjoy.


I know I'm right.


Oh and if you want to actually know what the shiny metal thing is all about, go look at the Wiki page. Just search “Cloud Gate”

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