In lieu of working on a paper that I actually have to get done I am taking online IQ quizzes. Smart, no?

ANYWAY, I just spent the past 14-or-so minutes in the library straining my eyes to take this colour IQ quiz, which starts out relatively easy and then your eyes start to go a little mushy and start to forget what they are doing.  I tried the whole un-focus-your-eyes thing to see if I could see it any better. I don’t think it worked.

But this little quiz got me thinking, who decides what IQ is? I don’t even think I know what IQ stands for (which probably doesn’t bode well for me thinking I am smart…) and how did it become accepted that staring at some square boxes on a computer screen and putting them in order was an accurate judge of your intellectual skills?

I’m not even one of those bitter people that never does well on IQ tests so I am questioning the whole system, I always do fairly well. (I’m no genius, but according to the Internet, I am slightly above average, which is all you can really ask for I suppose.) I just don’t like that it have become okay to be judged on how smart you are depending on how fast you can solve a rubiks cube.

I’m sure Albie here would agree with me too.

Ariel out.

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2 Responses to IQ?

  1. I scored 19. Whaddidja get?

  2. natriel says:

    yeah, I only got 22…

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