Why I will never love any man as much as I love Luke Skywalker.

ALERT: The following post contains MAJOR Ariel-nerd-isms.  If that’s not your cup of tea, too bad.

Ariel fact #1: Ever since I was a kid, I have LOVED Space.
And not how all little kids love space.  I loved it like Sailor Moon loved Tuxedo Mask.
My favourite movie until Pirates of the Caribbean came out and I fell in love with Orlando Bloom, was Star Wars Episode IV: Return of the Jedi. My imaginary friend was named Luke Skywalker and I desperately wanted my brother to turn into Chewbacca. (Oddly enough, he kinda did. When he doesn’t shave/cut his hair for a while and you try to talk to him too early in the morning he could definitely pass for Han Solo’s faithful furry buddy.)  For a really long time, I truly adored my first name because backwards it is Leira, which is kind of like Leia. I’m not super sure how I had friends growing up…

fuckin' badass.

Now before I talk myself out of having any guy ask me out for the next decade, I should say that this obsession with outer-space and ridiculous sci-fi is not entirely my fault. It’s in my blood.  Both of my parents are decided Trekkies (more so my mother than father, but still), as in Star Trek, as in Captains Kirk, Picard and Janeway.
In their defence, they aren’t the really hard-core ones that own fake ears and actually know how to speak Klingon.  But it does mean that my mother thought that a Vancouver-area theatre company’s version of A Christmas Carol done entirely in Klingon would be “a lot of fun!” (Don’t worry, we didn’t go.)
ANYWAY while my parents preferred Star Trek, which I thought was aight, Star Wars was the pinnacle of all Space-ness for me.  There was something so awe-inspiring about Star Wars  I have seen all the movies (the real ones, not the Hayden Christiansen-contaminated ones) so many times, and I still get super stoked watching the gold writing describing a galaxy far far away scroll up the screen.

oh hai there Broski!

It’s such a timeless story.  Boy hates his life on a desert planet, finds a renegade pilot and his giant teddy bear friend to take him and his droid to find his long-lost twin sister and evil father, boy gets his arm cut off by his evil father, has a green midget ride on his back and ultimately kills his evil father after he finds out he wasn’t always evil and actually saved his life from the REALLY evil, really wrinkly emperor.  Oh yeah, and C3P0 is the god of the tiny teddy bears who help save the day.
See. Timeless.



This probably explains why I bought my winter coat mainly because the giant hood makes me feel like a Jedi.
Also why I still try to trick myself into thinking I am a Jedi by waving my hand (à la Jedi-mind-trick) in front of automatic doors.



On a side note: I do acknowledge that while Han Solo is heart-throb of Star Wars, I was always a Luke girl.  The heart wants what it wants, I suppose.



-Ariel out.
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