Did anyone know that Belgium has two official languages? True story. It’s French and Flemish, which is kind of like a weird-er (if that’s possible) version of Dutch.

The reason I know this is because I just left Belgium. Jealous? You should be, it’s awesome.

The reason I just left Belgium was because I was visiting my favourite half-asian in the whole world (sorry Duff…), who just happens to be living in Bruxelles for school. Oh, and I’m travelling around Europe for the next 3 weeks. Sorry, I’ll stop bragging now.

Inter-continental Best Friends.

When Linda (that’s the aforementioned and pictured above half-Asian) told me she was going to be going on an exchange I swore that I would come and visit her and do the whole Europe-while-I’m-young-thing.  I was prepared to fly to Europe and travel around by myself if that’s what it was going to take.  Luckily, this was not the case. Enter Ariel travelling around Europe with 2 roomies and a roomie boyfriend.

The travellers (minus Alex, who is the unofficial photographer of this voyage, but don't worry, there'll be pictures of her soon!)

I somehow managed to fit 3 weeks worth of living-things into a back-pack, only to find out that said backpack is twice the size of my body and about 2/3 my body weight. Needless to say, carrying this behemoth backpack is not my favourite pass-time, although I have come to enjoy the sense of pride I get from not falling backwards and being lost forever like a turned-over ladybug whenever I pick up the beast.


The trip is still in it’s baby-stages. We have only been to Bruxelles and Paris and are heading to Amsterdam tomorrow.

Bruxelles and Paris have both been awesome.  I have: been drunk in a public square at 3.30 in the afternoon in Bruxelles, been complimented on my French that sounds nothing like the Quebecois accent they are expecting when I tell people I from Canada, almost gone into a strip club thinking it was a dance bar, drank absinthe, opened my hostel balcony only to find 3 strangers standing drinking wine on it, and took a 6 hour train journey through Belgium and Northern France in trying to get from Bruxelles to Paris.

All in all, not a horrible journey.

Now, for some pictures, because as eloquent as I am, we all know that the reason people read blogs is to see/creep the pictures. (but please at least read my captions, I try hard to be at least a little bit funny…)

Please do note the size of the backpack in comparison to the size of me. It's not a great ratio.

Burning the sugar into the absinthe does nothing. It still tastes like you are swallowing nail-polish remover. So I am very sure it's great for my body.

BAM. International Roommates.

We are unskilled in the ways of taking your sunglasses off before the picture actually happens. These things happen, we can't be great at everything.

I am still trying to figure out why anyone would want to go to a Canada-themed bar in Paris that doesn't even serve Keiths or Canadian and only promotes the Habs. Although they did let us use their washroom for free and everything was in both official languages.

Pretty sure I turn into a 6-year-old when placed in a giant garden full of statues. I actually wanted to climb on ALL of them and jump in the fountains. Amanda assured me that would not have been a very wise thing to do at Versailles, however. So, I only got to climb on one. I think he looks like Aristotle, if Aristole was also a mermaid.

Dane also turned into a 6-year-old when confronted with a set of stairs and sliding-friendly hand rail.

I don't even think this one needs a caption. We're awesome, the photo tells you all that.

ANYWAY. That’s all I got for now. There are far more of these to come as we are doing this for 2.5 more weeks. If you want to stay up-to-date on the whole thing, check out Alex‘s blog, she’s far better at this whole blogging thing than I am, and actually tries to  do it everyday, unlike me who is lazy and forgets.

Euro-Ariel out.

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