Sandy Berlin

I have figured out that I am not very good at the whole blogging-while-abroad thing. I always seem to choose sleep/eating/exploring over trying to somehow put all the past adventures into words.

Here is my feeble attempt at doing just that…

Since we last spoke we have been to 4 different countries and at least 8 different cities (several of which are quite small and I can’t super remember the names, but the big important ones have been Paris, Amsterdam, London and Berlin).

I will start in chronological order so as not to confuse too many people, thus turning you away from ever reading this blog again because of its horrible set up.


So last time I did the whole blog thing I was still in Paris, doing Parisian things.

I actually had a lot more fun in Paris than I thought I would. I had already been when I was in high school. One of the perks of being in French Immersion was that we got to go on a class trip to France for like 10 days. It was about as much fun as 30 nerdy, 16-year-old, French Immersion kids from Abbotsford BC can have on a school-sponsored and chaperoned trip. I had already done most of the really tourist-y things there are to do in Paris (the Louvre, the catacombs, going up the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysee, Montmatre, etc)

ANYWAY. The day that Alex, Dane and Amanda went to go do all the tourist-y things. Nat and I did Natalie-Ariel things (shop, creep on fabulous Parisians, and look at pretty buildings and whine about how unfair it is that people get to have these ridiculously fabulous lives while we can’t)

In the metro getting ready for our day of fun! (Clearly some were more prepared than others...)

After our lovely day, Nat left me for her summer in Vimy (hence the last 3 blog posts by Nat) and Alex, Amanda, Dane and myself said goodbye to Paris and hello to:


We took the train from Paris to Amsterdam, once again going through the French and Belgian countryside.

Amsterdam was super-awesome. Our hostel was cool, we met super chill people, we experienced the whole Dutch-lifestyle (read: biking everywhere and trying out coffeeshops) and had a really fun 3 days in the city.

Imma do a little bit of a photo-montage, because who doesn’t love pictures?!

What could have me so captivated, you ask?

Just this REALLY awesome Carnival-Spinny-Ride-Thing. It was almost Queensday when we were in A-dam and the whole city was getting ready, there were like 3 different travelling carnivals within walking distance of our hostel while we were there.

Another completely AMAZING carnival ride. Only the Dutch would attach bungee cords to a 2-seater chair and then attach those to a merry-go-round. Then have burly Dutch Carnys grab your chair and hurl you into the air. I don't think I am doing this ride the justice it deserves. In one word it was EXEMPLARY.

We didn’t spend our entire time in A-dam on Carnival rides (although the above photos might suggest otherwise) we also checked out some of the local parks and rented bikes.  I highly suggest renting bikes if you are ever in A-dam. We just got really lost in the city and biked around pretty much the whole thing. It was pretty baller.


London was busy. We were in UK for 3 days, one of which was the Royal Wedding.  The huge nerd in me died a little bit every time I thought about how we were legit in London for a Royal Wedding. That’s LEGIT history.

We did other things too, obviously. Mainly the Tower of London and Churchill’s War bunker (both of which were amazing, seriously go if you are in London.)

We also spent a whole afternoon taking really campy pictures of each other. Here is the first one of MANY.

Did you know that they full-on kept crazy wild animals in the Tower of London? Seriously, Kings and Queens would get animals as presents from these far-off other Kings and Queens and they would just keep them couped up in the Tower of London until someone invented the Zoo.

We had REALLY good fish and chips that came with a GIANT heaping of peas. I was so excited that halfway through my peas I wanted to take a picture to remind myself how good they were. I love peas.

We were in Hyde Park for the actual wedding. There was over 40,000 other people in the park watching the wedding on huge LED screens. Dane was pretty stoked.


WARNING: Major Ariel nerd-isms are about to come front and centre.  You have been warned.

So, I kinda have this thing for the Cold War, especially the whole divided Germany and Soviet stuff. I full-on lose my mind for it. To say I was excited for Berlin would be a wild understatement. I was full-on AMPED for Berlin.

Pretty much the first thing we did when we got to Berlin was hit up the East Side Gallery, which is about a kilometre and a half of the old wall that has been transformed into an art gallery. Enter me almost peeing my pants for excitement.

Yesterday we went to Checkpoint Charlie, which is an old American checkpoint along the wall. It was slightly disappointing because the actual museum part didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but we still spent about 3 hours in there regardless. (I would like to formally thank Alex, Dane and Amanda for bearing with me in there)

Oh Hey there Berlin Wall.

In case you can't read the placard on top of the car. You can rent old Trabbis and drive them around Berlin pretending you have just waited 18 years for it to arrive all the way from St.Petersburg. Badass.

Oh yeah, and when we were walking along the wall, we found a beach. It's just kinda chilling in the middle of a park with a little cafe/bar made out of old transport bins. Berlin is way too cool for me.

ANYWAY. I will stop all of this now. If you have read this whole thing. Congratulations. It’s nearly a novel. You deserve a hug. Or a milkshake. Go get yourself one of each!

Euro-Ariel out.

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2 Responses to Sandy Berlin

  1. This is awesome and I am jealous of your adventures! I want to go to Berlin! Where to next? Hope you’re having an awesome time!

  2. I should have counted the number of times you said “full-on”. dang.

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