Oh Brugge!

So on the last day of training we got our schedules for the month of May, Andre, Rosalie and I all had two days off together and were more than ready to get the hell out of our “hotel” and take advantage of Europe. Originally we were thinking London or Amsterdam, but as we would be leaving the next morning, everything was much too expensive. What we eventually settled on was Bruges (or Brugge in Belgium), a smaller town in Northern (ish) Belgium. It’s a beautifully preserved Medieval city that finds its claim to fame from the 2009 movie “In Bruges“.

The view from our hostel!

We managed to get a ride with the lovely Vimy guide, Reta from this winter’s session and managed to get there in less than two hours. We dropped our stuff off in our wicked hostel called “Snuffle”, rented some bikes and proceeded to ride around for the rest of the day.

View of part of the main square.

The Belfry which we decided to climb all the way to the top.

We climbed all the way up to the top, and me, being a weakling and kind of afraid of heights was shakey-legged and sweaty-palmed but alive! Here I am clinging to the grating for dear life, though I was not as freaked out as I expected, which is definitely something to be said for my fear!

View from the Belfry

Climbing down all those stairs.

After the Belfry we took our bikes and decided to just bike wherever our little hearts took us. They took us all around, to the canals, along Medieval cobblestoned streets, and into a 13th century nunnery.

A part of the nunnery

A canal! There were old couples all over the canal cruises. Adorable.

After we made our way back to the hostel, got some great advice on restaurants, then made our way back to the main square and watched the sun go down. Luckily our hostel had happy hour, with 1 euro beers from 9-10pm. Needless to say we indulged… a fair amount.

Sunset in the main square

Such cheap beer.

We had about 4 rounds of these...

So more or less we had a wonderful day of relaxing, bike riding and drinking a quaint little town. Not too bad for a simple day trip!


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