More proof I am still a 6-year-old at heart: EuroLions.

Anyone who knows me can attest to my overwhelming clumsiness and incredible propensity to topple over. So the fact that I absolutely adore climbing on statues, trees, benches, pretty much anything that you can climb on, makes very little sense to others. I, however, think I am far better when I am climbing on public monuments than I am simply standing in one place.

My extreme love of climbing on statues was in full swing in Europe where they really love cheap wine, cobblestones and giant statues in public places.

the Evidence:

There are an inordinate amount of stone lions in Europe. This particular one is in Venice.

Vatican City Lion.

Roman Lion.

Roman Lion #2.

Venetian Lion #2.

Vatican City Obelisque.

Berlin War Memorial. (It's not as bad as it sounds, they encourage people to play in the giant maze/field of huge concrete slabs. Trust. I'm not a soul-less fiend who only wants to have fun taking pictures.)

Versailles garden statue. (I have already posted this one, but it just fit so nicely with the whole theme, and who am I to mess with the theme?)

Bruxelles Moustache Man.

Amsterdam's Sex Museum giant marble butt/vagina.

I feel like there were many more instances of me climbing on things. (I know for a fact there is a photo somewhere of Amanda and I attempting to climb a tree in Amsterdam, but I am 98% sure it’s on her camera.) But I am sure you get a pretty good feel for how much fun it is to jump and climb on statues and monuments all over Europe.

Ariel out.

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