So this is what people did before the Internet…

A while back, Natalie Alex and I went to the Found Footage Festival when it came to our lovely little Mayfair theatre.  It was EASILY the best $6 I have ever spent on a Wednesday night.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Found Footage Festival (hereafter called FFF), it is basically these 2 guys from small towns in the States (I think, if I am wrong, I am terribly sorry, I haven’t read their bios or anything, I am a very lazy and uneducated blogger…) who troll second-hand stores across the US and Canada for REALLY bad home movies, pick out the highlights and put them all together into a 2 hour session of absolute brilliance.

I’m not talking about home movies like little Bobby’s fourth birthday party, I am talking home movies like this:

ANYWAY. The reason for this post that is arguably 3 months late (since we went and saw FFF in like February) is that I have just recently found my FAVOURITE video of the night: Rent-A-Friend.

Basically this home movie targeted the really sad and lonely people that just couldn’t get out of their homes to talk to real people so they could buy this video, pop it into their VCR and talk to the person in their TV.

Essentially this is what lonely people did before the Internet. I honestly cannot decide which is sadder, talking to a fake person asking you questions in your television. Or sitting in the dark in front of your computer screen hoping that someone across the world will talk to you in some obscure little chat-room-thingy (again, I apologize for the ill-informed nature of this post. Are chat-rooms still a thing? Is there a hyphen in between chat-room?).

Now that I have amped it up, without further adieu…. RENT-A-FRIEND:

Ariel out.

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