Walk when the Locals Do or How to Fail at Avoiding Looking like a Tourist in Prague

So, hopefully everyone is all caught up from my last edition. Though I trust you all are. After talking to the information booth in Terminal 2 of Charles de Gaulle, we were set up with a spot to sleep. We asked him if someone would be there to wake us up in time for our 5h00 check-in. Here’s what the man at the information desk said: “Oh, you’ll know…”

How promising and reassuring.

We passed out and were so joyously awoken first by the intense hardness of our “beds” (i.e. the floor) and then by the 400 people checking in for the 5h00 am EasyJet flight at the check-in counter directly across from where we were set up. In any case we miraculously made it to the check-in counter with no hiccups, security was a breeze and before we knew it we were off to Prague!

Both Allison and Jess passed out, but I decided to journal my way through what just happened. After a short plane ride, we had arrived!!

We get out of the plane and finally everything started to go our way. We managed to take out cash from the ATMs just fine and almost immediately after that, our shuttle driver picked us up, with a “Natalie Coops” sign and all. I’m still not too sure why my last name is misspelled like that so often… We get to our hostel after a huge traffic jam in the middle of the suburbs.

So relieved to be in the hostel, in Prague, FINALLY.

After a quick relax in our gorgeous hostel (literally 5 stars for 13 euros) we took a walk to the beautiful old town where we soaked in the sights. Stopped finally for some actual food and of course because it was the Czech Republic, was super cheap. I had pulled roasted pork in the saltiest gravy ever (yes) and weird cabbage that kind of tasted like barn and some dumplings. Just what we needed. That and the free .5 L of beer. Awesome, all kinds of it.

Sweet Communist relic

Beautiful Prague

Soaking up the life in Prague, with that delicious roast pork and beer.

Ugh, Prague. Prague.

People were 'defenestrated' here. I.E. Kicked out of a window as a way of capital punishment.

After taking the New Europe walking tour that really took us all over the Western half of Prague, we literally ran back to our hostel quick changed and made it to the Opera with 3 minutes to spare. Sat down, got vertigo, and listened to the Marriage of Figaro.

What began as a lovely opera ended up lasting… 3.5 hours. Yep. A full four hours of Italian sang a haute voix. So, yep. Great, but Mozart, cool it on those runs.

The next day, it rained for the most part. We wandered around Charles Bridge (definitely my favourite part) and then made our way to Gehry’s Dancing House (Allison and I lost it a little bit and Jess didn’t get it). Finally we made it to the castle, but because we were too cheap we walked around, soaked up the sights (and the walk), then made it over to the garden just to the right of the Castle.

Guide hand of the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge

BEST BRUNCH EVER. The problem with France is that it cannot do brunch, so we grabbed some in Prague. Pancakes. Real bacon. Paradise

Lennon Wall. Trying to look as non-chalant as possible.


Definitely a highlight as probably every single postcard shot of Prague comes from these garden views.

We finished the day where my dad’s co-woker Hana (a former Praguer) suggested… the beer gardens! For 70 cents, one litre of beer and a slight mid-afternoon buzz. Great way to end a chaotic but absolutely fantastic trip.

We made it back to the airport with two hours to spare, bought massive amounts of desserts and laughed at what a whirlwind the past 36 hrs had been.

I’ve just gotten back from touring around Normandy, so expect an update on that soon!


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