What’s Oh-She-AH-Ga?

I know that I have been on a bit of a hiatus for the past month and a bit. I promise it was not intentional, this is just how things work out, you know what with work, and life and all that.

ANYWAY. My (hopefully, although probably not) triumphant return to the blogosphere is here now and I am blogging about:

For those of you unfamiliar with Osheaga, it is a 3-day music festival in Montreal over the August long-weekend. (Fun fact: August long-weekend in Ontario is just called, Civic Holiday, whereas in BC, it’s BC Day. I think everyone should just call it BC Day and spend the whole day pretending they live on the West and climb imaginary mountains and swim in imaginary oceans. Or, I suppose if real mountains and oceans are accessible to people, those can be used as well…)
Back to my original thought: Osheaga was REALLY fun. I went with the very fun Miss Julie and spent all of Sunday chilling with thousands of other people who just wanted to be outside listening to music.

This was one of the stages. The weird rainbow thing lit up during the Flaming Lips and was pretty cool. Plus I gotta love a giant mirror ball...

First on the agenda was Frightened Rabbit. We got to the concert grounds just as the very first act, the Sheepdogs (who, incidently, were really great. Watching them is like being transported back in time. Pretty sure no one has told these guys that it’s not actually 1976, and I don’t really want anyone to) were finishing and as soon as they left the stage, we squirreled up to the very front so we were actually in the VERY front row. Not bad eh? So we chilled waiting for Frightened Rabbit to go on and watched Typhoon on the other stage. (I want it on the record, that I genuinely enjoyed Typhoon, but they sort of brought it upon themselves to be slightly mocked by myself, Julie and some random guy also waiting for Frightened Rabbit, by having more than half the band up on stage in plaid shirts, all the boys had moustaches – including the ones who played trumpets, which I am pretty sure my high school band teacher always advised against – and one girl literally just jumping around the stage contributing nothing except that she was holding a maraca in one hand. Once again, they were ACTUALLY good, but it was like they looked up “indie band” on Wikipedia and just followed those instructions to a T. They were asking to be mocked. Just sayin’)
Once Frightened Rabbit goes on, I was in full-on concert tunnel-vision where all I do is dance around like a crazy person yelling the lyrics to the song and basically pretending I am in a music video. This tunnel-vision was interrupted by some guy with a fire hose (nope, not a euphemism, I promise) spraying down the whole crowd. Enter drowned-rat-version-of-Ariel for the next 25 minutes.

We had a little time to kill in between Frightened Rabbit and Beirut, the next band we really wanted to see, so we just lounged around and invented the Official Osheaga Drinking Game (note: it is in no way Official, and it can most likely be adapted to fit almost any summer music festival)

Rules of Official Osheaga Drinking Game:

Drink when you see a girl in high-waisted jean shorts.
That’s it. There’s really only that rule. But it’s REALLY fun.

There were THE MOST people there. Seriously, when we first got there, the hill was totally empty and by about 9 it was like this.

Unfortunately, there were far more people when we wanted to see Beirut so we didn’t get as close as we did with Frightened Rabbit, but we were still pretty gosh-darned close. And naturally Beirut put on an UNREAL show. They had a few technical difficulties, but it just made the show that much better because they just sort of played what they wanted. Once again, the fire hose came and we got doused, but there is something so great about being drenched with water on a hot summer day while dancing to a truly great band. Something akin to seeing a great band in the rain. Trust. It’s good.

Everyone loves a trumpet. My high school band teacher would approve, I'm sure. PS. Blue shirt security guard could not be less

Next, we were going to check out either the Tragically Hip or White Lies, but instead got lost in our drinking game once more and then started to follow 4/5 of Frightened Rabbit around trying to think of what you say to a band that you genuinely like as if they are real people (which I understand that they are, but bear in mind we are several rounds of OODG in…)

Grade 10 me was REALLY excited to see Death Cab for Cutie. They were hundred percent my favourite band when I was 15, about the same time I decided that Seth Cohen and myself were soul mates. We lucked out at Death Cab and managed to be standing right in front of the biggest Death Cab fanboy EVER. You know how I said Death Cab was my favourite band when I was 15, well Death Cab has been this guy’s favourite band SINCE he was 15. Boy is now 22. At several points in the concert he would shriek “BENNNNN” and once hugged me so hard and yelled in my ear, “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR LOVING DEATH CAB.” Serious fanboy. Fanboy experience aside, Death Cab played all the songs that 15-year-old me still knows all the words to, and not going to lie, when “Soul meets body” started, there may have been some shrieking coming from me as well. NOT my fault. Grade 10-Ariel took over.

We ended the night at MSTRKRFT, which was nothing short of an outdoor rave, complete with blue glowsticks, too many sweaty people and enough alcohol-induced bad dancing to make even Kevin Bacon slightly embarrassed. (Bonus blog points if you got that.)

GLOW STICKS. Julie and I spent forever trying to get a bunch, and after giving up and dancing off our sorrows, we got pelted in the back of the head by a huge wad of them.

All in all a solid BC Day long-weekend.

I promise to be more Internet-involved from now on.

Ariel out.

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