I have once again restored and fully refreshed my blogging willpower, and I have, surprisingly Encounters with Canada to thank. A few weeks ago I was asked to speak in front of a group of Canadian High School Students about my experiences this summer and *boom* creativity was once again flowin’.

This morning I gave a talk with two other former Veterans Affairs employees about how Vimy/BH shaped how we remember and commemorate. After thinking long and hard I came to many different conclusions, but all-in-all it brought back a sea of this summer’s memories.

The internet at the Vauban house was partly to blame for this hiatus. Partly because it would take literally four hours to upload pictures, then after waiting for so long I had no drive to format or even write.

As Remembrance Day is almost upon us, I hope this doesn’t come across as too preachy or too cheesey, but it’s so important for every citizen to play a part in remembering. It doesn’t matter if you don’t support past or current governments, or that you’re a staunch pacifist or that you have to procrastinate from that essay you’re supposed to be writing. What does matter is that there were people who were Canadians that were killed, wounded, and fought. And for that they deserve even just one minute of commemoration.

In preparation for my presentation I thought back to what helped me connect with remembering. For me it was linking it back to my home of Winnipeg, and our story of Valour Road.

This Friday, just take even 30 seconds to stop and think about how incredibly and unfathomably lucky we are to live in a country that has never really faced any war of vast proportions. Thankful that you don’t live in a country with mandatory military training. Thankful that you can waste time on facebook or reddit. In general, take a few seconds to just say thanks.


*Next time I promise to have a more lighthearted post, but trust me they’re coming!!

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